I will never forget our beautiful wedding , it was so awesome..


Hey Ron,

  First  off, I wanted to tell you how much Doug and I appreciated you doing our  wedding so perfectly!!!  You did an awesome job and played the best  music all night long. We are still getting calls this week saying how  good the DJ was and what a wonderful time they had!!!  Thank you for  making it so memorable for us

I love all your music and you totally kept the party dancing !!!


Emily and I just wanted to thank each and  everyone of you for the fantastic job you all did. We had so many  comments on how beautiful everything was, from the gorgeous layout of  the grounds at the Coconut Palm, the absolutely beautiful flowers and  centerpieces, how nice the catering staff was, the food and the cake  were perfect in everyway from presentation to taste, and of course  Ronnie did such a great job with the music. He got everyone dancing and  having fun.

 Cannot  even begin to thank you enough for making our wedding so memorable. You  are the best DJ of all time! Everyone is still talking about it. I am  SO hoping that you will be able to DJ an event for us ( a one year  anniversary party) on February 25th Saturday night from 6-1 am or so.    I am so hoping you will be able to 

  I  was so happy having you DJ our beach wedding.  You were so laid back  and left me nothing to worry about.  Everyone danced the night away.   Thanks to your music, no one noticed the rain much, we just danced, and  danced, and danced.  The instruments you brought like the moraccas and  tamborines were a huge hit with the kids AND with the adults.  What a  blast.  I couldn't have asked for a better DJ.  You were  amazing.  Thanks for the great memories, you are the best!! 

 We are coming off of our wedding  high. I wanted to email you and say thank you so much for doing such a  wonderful job with our wedding. The music was great! The dance floor was  packed all night. Everything was perfect! You really know how to get  the party started. Thanks again for everything and being so laid back.  We enjoyed every minute of it! 

 Thanks  for all of the time you spent on the phone with me. You really put my  mind at ease that I won't have a nightmare Deejay having my friends do  the chicken dance and playing annoying dance music that I don't like!!!